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What is the difference between Upper Cervical Corrective Care and traditional (full spine) Chiropractic Care?

Answer:  Our practice provides you Customized Corrective Care and Real Solutions

Before discussing the most significant distinctions between a traditional chiropractic office and our practice, you must first understand traditional chiropractic care.


The typical focus of a traditional chiropractic office is:

1. Temporarily decrease pain
2. Decreasing muscle spasms
3. Improve range of motion

4. Covering up symptoms or a “quick fix” only

These are all fantastic goals and many traditional chiropractors in the area that do a good job at providing you this service.

At Healthy Beginnings Chiropractic, our main focus and objective is the well being of your brain/brainstem health, as well as neuro-structural correction.  A majority of cases Dr. Stallman cares for at her practice, are often a referral from other area chiropractors, medical doctors, or specialists, and are suffering from a significant structural shift at the cranio-cervical junction affecting the health of the spine. These structural shifts or structural misalignments are the underlying cause, which often shows themselves as “symptoms” – or what Upper Cervical Corrective Doctors refer to as Secondary Conditions.

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